Summer Vacation Ideas

When it comes to travel, Summer is the king of the castle. Summer vacation is the time, that glorious time, that we all look forward to every year. We get time off work or out of school to unwind for a bit in the warm, beautiful weather, and all is well. However, the story doesn’t end there, because people take this time to go on vacation and not only take a break from work, but to take a break from their usual style of play, as well. When it comes time to set sail for your Summer adventure, what will you do? If you’re too fried from the daily grind, here are some suggestions to get you going.


First and foremost, the beach vacation is a tried and true, time honored vacation classic, and for good reason. It plays to the strengths of the warm and sunny Summer season by offering sunbathing, or if you’re trying to beat the heat, the cool ocean for you to take a dip in. OR, you could simply bask in the atmosphere of the sunny skies and crashing waves. It’s hard to go wrong with this style of vacation. If you take this route, bring your best Summer swim gear from Athleta to make the most of your trip to the ocean blue.

Another great vacation idea is to simply reconnect with nature. There are a number of ways to do this, such as fishing and hiking, or you could go camping to do a little bit of everything. It’s up to you. If you go for this kind of trip, you’re going to want to cover up for protection, but try to stay cool by dressing in layers so that you can ditch your long sleeves when it’s appropriate. And, don’t forget a sturdy pair of boots. No matter what kind of vacay is your go to choice, make sure to have a great Summer by having a great vacation.